Versatile musician, guitarist, composer, producer, arranger and session player Marco Iacobini was born and raised in Rome.
His musical background includes the study of classical music and jazz.
Marco begins to work like arranger and session player in various recording studios in Italy.
In these years Marco has written and played musical arrangements with a lot of musicians from different music areas.
Marco has played with such stars like as: Tony Levin, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Lee Sklar, Reggie Hamilton, Keith Carlock, Stuart Hamm, Mike Terrana, Carl Verheyen, Billy Sheehan, Joel Taylor, Philippe Saisse, Bill Bergman, Tyra Juliette, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, the famous italian female singer Giorgia and many many more.
In 2004 Marco has been the band founder member called “Spaces”, a guitar oriented power trio.
This project was described as “a genuinely fantastic mix of rock, popular music and contemporary jazz”.
Marco’s playing has been described as “a cross between Steve Lukather and Steve Vai but with his own unmistakable style”.
In 2006 Marco has had the great pleasure and honor to open the european tour of Tony Levin Band in Rome, with Jessie Gress, Jerry Marotta, Peter Levin and Larry Fast.
In the same year Marco plays the role of official endorser for Carvin guitars.
In 2008 Marco has released his new instrumental guitar oriented album: ”In my world“.
Top seller album on the web.
In the same year Marco plays the role of official endorser for Truetone pedals (Visual Sound).
In 2009 Marco has been involved in the new project of the great italian female pop star: ”Giorgia”, playing guitars on her album: ”Spirito Libero”.
A record that includes a lot of incredible guests as: Herbie Hancock, Ronan Keating, Michael Baker and many many more.
From 2010 Marco has played at MusikMesse like endorser and clinician for Carvin Guitars and for many other high end gear brands.
In the same year, Marco started to work on his second solo album, an instrumental guitar oriented record called: “The sky there’ll always be”.
A project very ambitious, over three years of hard work, between Italy and the United States.
Working on this album, Marco had the great pleasure to involve a lot of great musicians to play on it: Tony Levin, Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock, Stuart Hamm, Billy Sheehan, Philippe Saisse, Carl Verheyen, Joel Taylor, Mike Terrana , Bill Bergman, Thomas Lang and many more.
The album has been mixed and mastered, in New York city, by the great engineers Roy Hendrickson and Randy Merrill, at Avatar Studios and at Masterdisk studios.
At the end of 2013, Marco has been involved in a great project of ESC Records, label record from Frankfurt; working on a new tribute album called: " The Loner 2 ", dedicated to one of the most important artist of guitar's world: the amazing Jeff Beck. 
A project where is possible to listen some of Marco's favorite guitar players ever, like:
Michael Thompson, Scott Henderson, Stef Burns and many more.
Marco has played, arranged and produced a classic Jeff beck song: "The Pump". A great song co-written by the incredible Simon Phillips.
In the august of 2014, the polish guitar magazine called: " Top Guitar " has dedicated to Marco an interview and a 5 pages of special issue about his new album: "The sky there'll always be".
In the spring of 2015, Marco was involved in another amazing project for a new instrumental guitar oriented album called: "Guitar addiction 2" by Guitar Euro Media, label record from France.
He has recorded his guitar solo on the first track called: "Take care of her".  
In this album is possible to listen a lot of incredible artists as: Frank Gambale, Joel Hoekstra, Andre Nieri and many many others.
In the same year Marco plays the role of official endorser for D'addario Strings.
From 2015, Marco spent a lot of time to work on his brand new album.
A new chapter of his career, where he shares his music with a lot of wonderful musicians as:
Vinnie Colaiuta, Lee Sklar, Reggie Hamilton, Alex Britti and many more.
In the same period Marco was on tour in Italy with the great american drummer Mike Terrana, playing for one month, from south to north of Italy, with Stefano Sastro on keys and Anna Portalupi on bass. This band was called: “Tip’s Included”.
In the summer of 2015 Marco was on tour with the american singer Tyra Juliette, playing in a lot of important jazz festivals in Italy.
In 2016 Marco was on tour again with the american drummer Mike Terrana in Italy.
In september of the same year Marco has played guitar for Mike Terrana, awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award as Best International artist, from Maratea town.
In the summer of 2017 Marco was on tour with the american singer Tyra Juliette with Alex Alessandroni Jr. on keys and Cristiano Micalizzi on drums.
In september of the same year, Marco played with Alex Alessandroni Jr. for a celebration day dedicated to the memory of his Father: Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni, during which Alex has received the important prize of Maratea town, like best international artist.
In the summer of 2019 Marco was on tour in Italy with the famous american bass player Stuart Hamm with Stefano Sastro on keys and Cristiano Micalizzi on drums.