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Marco Iacobini — In My World

Release date:  Sep. 13, 2007


  1. The Hunter - 03:59
  2. 15/4 - 03:08
  3. Fast And Furious - 03:55
  4. Hot Racers - 04:14
  5. For You - 04:07
  6. Red Siren - 03:43
  7. In Your Eyes - 03:54
  8. Summer - 04:17
  9. Altered State - 03:51
  10. Coming Home - 04:38
  11. Red Siren (Reprise) - 02:13
  12. Sun - 04:22

In My World

The new album “ In my world ” Marco Iacobini debut solo is a combination of rock, fusion and prog. It’s an all-instrumental CD for music lovers that want to enjoy pure music with shred guitars combined with melodic tunes. An album surely essential for all fans of Steve Lukather, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. Marco’s musical influences. “ In my world ” spotlights the brilliance of drummer Cristiano Micalizzi and bassist Marco Siniscalco who lay down an incredibly thick rhythm foundation for Marco’s guitar acrobatics. Also featuring: Stefano Sastro on keys, a great musician with an unique phrasing style descibed as a cross beetween Alan Pasqua and Herbie Hancock. Guests: Mario Guarini on bass and Juan Carlos Albelo Zamora on Violin and Viola. This album has been recorded and mixed at Forward studios in Rome. The best recording studios in Italy and mastered at Bernie Grundman mastering in Los Angeles by Mr. Bernie Grundman himself.


Marco Iacobini: All Guitars, Recording engineering, Mixing engineering, Artistic Production, Executive Production.
Cristiano Micalizzi: Drums.
Marco Siniscalco: Bass.
Stefano Sastro: Keys, Hammomd B3, Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Piano, Stings arranger on “Red Siren”.
Mario Guarini: Bass on “Red Siren”, “Coming Home”, “Sun”.
Juan Carlos Albelo Zamora: Violin and Viola on “Red Siren”.
Carmine Simeone: Recording and Mixing Engineer.
Marco Lecci: Additional Mixing Engineer on “For you” and “Sun”.
Andrea Fabiani: Additional Recording Engineer.

Bernie Grundman: Mastering Engineer.

Francesco Desmaele: Artwork, Graphic Project and Photos.