Kiesel Carvin Guitars


Marco Iacobini uses Bolt Plus Custom Guitar Signature Model.  

Swamp ash body with quilted maple top AAAAA One piece of quartersawn maple neck with bird's eye maple fretboard Original Floyd Rose with locking nut and Sperzel tuners H S H configuration pick up.

"In may 2008, Carvin has gave me the chance to project and build my Custom electric guitar model by my specs. My Custom signature model.
 It's for me a great honor and pleasure to be endorser of a great company like Carvin. With great support of Joel Kiesel and Alan Colquitt, I have received the first prototype in the first week of may in 2008, after three months of hard work on project and building. The guitar is a bolt-on plus, Custom model, on my specs.
 The body is consists of two parts of wonderful Swamp Ash from southern California with a quilted maple top AAAAA, attached to an Hard Rock quartersawn maple neck and bird's eye maple fretboard.
 The electronic is a project by Carvin, pick-up configuration H S H. The bridge is an original Floyd Rose, with locking nut and Sperzel tuners. My favorite Headstock shape. Reverse Headstock. Black hardware.
 I'm very happy and proud to play my custom guitar, the sound is cool, amazing tone, great feel, incredible playability and last but not least, the look is wonderful. Thanks Carvin for having built for me the best guitar in the world."

 Marco iacobini