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Marco Iacobini — The Sky There'll Always Be
Release date : Apr. 23, 2013


  1. The Great Rush - 03:10
  2. Where the angels come down - 05:07
  3. Smoky club's blue light - 04:13
  4. Red Sunset on L.A. - 04:46
  5. A cup of shred wine (part one) - 05:06
  6. Sunny day with you - 04:10
  7. 18F- 04:40
  8. A cup of shred wine (part two) - 05:35
  9. The Sky There’ll Always Be - 03:26
  10. Solid Rock - 04:37
  11. Eolian Islands - 04:49

The Sky There’ll Always Be

For his third release, “The Sky There’ll Always Be” Marco Iacobini enlists an all-star line up of world famous musicians including bassists Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/King Crimson), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big/Steve Vai, David Lee Roth) and Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani); as well as drummers Dave Weckl (Paul Simon/Madonna, Chick Corea), Keith Carlock (Sting, Steely Dan/James Taylor, Toto), Thomas Lang (Asia/stOrk), Mike Terrana (Yngwie Malmsteen/Steve Lukather), Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Bobby Kimball, Michael Bublé) and Phil Maturano, as well as saxophonists Bill Bergman (Stevie Wonder/Bonnie Raitt) and Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) as well as Grammy Award-nominee keyboardist Philippe Saisse (David Bowie/Rolling Stones/PSP) among others to capture Iacobini’s unmistakable blend of jazz/funk tinged instrumental rock and showcase his technically masterful guitar playing.

A masterful guitarist and composer, Iacobini took nearly three years to write, arrange and record his latest project. Marco has recorded in Rome at Sound and Light Studios, Forward Studios and at the legendary Avatar Studios, today called with the original name of Power Station Studios in New York and Garage Studios in Los Angeles. On his latest offering, Iacobini’s masterful licks capture listener’s ears and minds in equal measure. The lead track “The Great Rush” showcases Iacobini’s impossibly fast salvos of notes and dramatic whammy bar heroics while still retaining an immense understanding of music. Featured on the track are ferocious metal drummer Mike Terrana and bassist Stuart Hamm who combine to form a rock solid foundation that provides sonic counterbalance to Iacobini’s aggressive soloing.

“Where the angels come down” offers another take on Iacobini’s playing – with its soaring guitar, sweeping melody, texture and lush production, the track brings to mind incomparable players such as Prince and Jimi Hendrix. Peeling away the layers of technical mastery and shredtastic skill, Iacobini reveals an achingly gorgeous side of his playing while bassist Tony Levin adds artful touches to this inspired track. Iacobini reaches in to his seemingly endless bag of guitar styles yet again on “Smoky Club’s Blue Light” offering up a chunky, funky, riff-laden sound anchored by Tony Levin on bass and Stefano Sastro on Hammond B3, keyboards and clavinet. The title track, “The Sky There’ll Always Be” pairs soaring melody with intricate guitar work that alternates between grace and power. Huge and dynamic, the song creates its own gravity and pulls the listener in while Billy Sheehan’s flawless, bass line flows through the song like delicious, liquid sound and drummer Thomas Lang’s finesse and surprisingly delicate playing adds a splashy vibrancy.

Adding even more depth and diversity to the release are tracks like “A Cup of Shred Wine (Part 1)” audaciously opens with a drum solo from the legendary Dave Weckl and boldly segues into a jazzy rock track featuring Iacobini’s soaring arpeggios while the enigmatic “Eolian Islands” embraces a richer jazz-inspired sound fueled by Bill Bergman’s unmistakable sax playing and Keith Carlock’s deep-pocket drumming.

Artistic Production by Marco Iacobini

Executive Production by Marco Iacobini & Francesco Desmaele

All songs are written & arranged by Marco Iacobini
except: 18F written by Stuart Hamm and arranged by Stuart Hamm & Marco Iacobini
Marco Iacobini: All Guitars
Dave Weckl, Thomas Lang, Keith Carlock, Mike Terrana, Joel Taylor, Phil maturano, Cristiano Micalizzi: Drums.
Tony Levin, Billy Sheehan, Stuart Hamm, Fabio Trentini: Bass.
Philippe Saisse, Stefano Sastro: Keys, Hammomd B3, Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Piano, Stings arranger.
Bill Bergman: Sax
Carmine Simeone: Recording Engineer.
Roy Hendrickson: Recording and Mixing Engineer
Marco Iacobini: Recording engineering
Bob Mallory: Assistant Mixing Engineer.
Bob Aki Nishimura: Assistant Recording Engineer
Piero Bernardini: Assistant Recording Engineer
Recorded at: Forward Studios, Sound & Light Studios, Avatar Studios

Randy Merrill: Mastering Engineer
Mastering at : Masterdisk

Francesco Desmaele: Artwork & Photos.